Spotlight on: Neil “Nsj” San Juan of DeadlyKittens

June 1, 2017 |by Zenway Productions | 1 Comments | News | , , , ,

The quiet and mysterious Neil “Nsj” San Juan has enjoyed quite an illustrious gaming career in the Philippines. Formerly known as vyy, he made his mark as a player in the professional League team, the Manila Eagles. Today, he lends his considerable talents to the DeadlyKittens in the flex role.


Spotlight on: Kier “Enavir” Goli of DeadlyKittens

May 31, 2017 |by Zenway Productions | 1 Comments | News | , , , , ,

The youngest player on the team, he’s known as the best butcher in SEA among his teammates, but nobody will reveal the reason why. Certainly, he embodies the spirit of DeadlyKittens; beneath the surface of the baby-faced lad lurks a bloodthirsty killer whose true nature is only revealed in the Nexus.


Spotlight on: Ronel “Stronger” Tan of DeadlyKittens

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His claims to fame aren’t simply having both Britney Spears and Kelly Clarkson naming their songs after him; Stronger is a heavyweight in the Filipino gaming scene, having enjoyed success in both League of Legends and now, Heroes of the Storm.


Spotlight on: Michael “Mirr” Luo of DeadlyKittens

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The de facto leader of DeadlyKittens, Michael “Mirr” Luo started his Heroes career in a team called Relics. A flexible player who’s dabbled in various different roles, Mirr has an incisive understanding of the game, and is the main tank and shotcaller for the team.